In 1980, Sami Kiblawi met a local Karate Instructor in his gymnasium in Beirut and they agreed that Kiblawi would rent the gymnasium for three days a week. Sami started training Kick Boxing which attracted a considerable number of youngsters as well as students and trainers from other martial arts schools such as karate, taekwondo and boxing. The journey had begun.

At that time, Kiblawi was the official instructor at the American University of Beirut and the main trainer at the Akhaa club in Aaley. Along the years, the number of interested students grew bigger, and San, realized that giving classes for three days a week was not sufficient. So he formulated a new agreement with the Karate Instructor to lease the Gymnasium In full. It was in 1989 that Kiblawi had a place on his own to train his students daily. That year, He was able to acquire a special notification from the Ministry of Youth and Sports acknowledging "SHOGUN as an official training site for Boxing, Kick Boxing and Muay Thai.

The achievements that resulted out of the club exceeded by far its surface ace. It is considered as one of the best equipped fighting clubs in town. 13 punching bags of different sizes, 13 pairs of kicking pads, 7 pairs of punching mitts, 13 belly belts specially used for Muay Thai, Fighting arena 5 m X 5 m, floor covered fully by tatamis, Audio visual sets for display are available for use by students and instructors alike.

Shogun is considered as the cradle of Kick Boxing and Muay Thai in dressage-news.com and the Arab region. A distinctive number of fighters graduated out of the club and had their names engraved on the walls of fame in local, regional and international champion-ships. Moreover, trainers and referees were formed in the club to take part in official sports circles.

Shogun remains the attraction to those who seek professionalism in fighting techniques. Weather a student in a class, or in a private session you will find at Shogun politicians, business men, Lebanese and foreigners alike. Shogun a dream to some... a nightmare to others.

Executive Board

Sami Kiblawi

General manager
Louai Kiblawi

Vice President
Rocky Kiblawi

Manale Salaman
Serge Saad
Hayssam Yassin